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Shakehands Bad Königshofen

The latest coaching methods

Yoshihiro Hiraoka, who is considered the best coach in Japan, and Koji Itagaki, head coach of the Bundesliga team in Germany explain the basics in short and simple videos

Shakehands Bad Königshofen

「You can ask your coaches」

Whether child or adult, beginner or advanced. We look forward to your questions, so that you become even better at table tennis!

Shakehands Bad Königshofen

Anytime and Anywhere

With advanced technology, you can now watch your Shakehands coaching videos from your smartphone or tablet.

Shakehands Bad Königshofen

Reasonable prices

We are always working to provide the best possible service at an affordable price.

Your Private Coaches

Koji Itagaki

Yoshihiro Hiraoka

Jianxin Qiu

Bastian Steger

Mizuki Oikawa

Kilian Ort

Darko Jorgic

Filip Zeljko

Koudai Hiraya

Dang Qiu

Takuya Jin

Mitsuhiko Sato

Tsubasa Moriya

Marius Zaus

Daily up to date!
Price: 80 € per year